June Manager's Message

June Manager's Message

June Manager's Message

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 in

Dear Members,

I hope you have enjoyed the cooler than average temperatures as the temperatures are starting to soar.  The Club is full of upcoming events and exciting programs.  We hope you take the opportunity to participate in many of the activities we have to offer.  We have made a significant investment to provide you with a variety of Club events and we urge you to make every effort to view our online calendar and keep up to date with our weekly Club Communications.  The key to a continuously active Club Event Calendar is support and participation from our Members.  Please ensure you make reservations for our events so we can better plan and serve you, your family and your friends.  Over the course of the past season we have had to adjust event scheduling because of lower than expected reservations in advance.  We are dedicated to having great Club events and exceeding your expectations but we need your help with supporting these events and making reservations to plan appropriately.

Club Dining Transformation - GRAZE

Our transformation project is really moving along nicely and we are still planning on having our soft opening of GRAZE in June.  Currently we are working on millwork and bar top finishes as well as placing the new furniture.  Our culinary team has been working to finalize menu and food presentations, staff selection and service training.  Once we have a more defined timeframe we will communicate to you regarding opening events and reservations.  We are very excited about our new restaurant and this is truly a milestone for our Club as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

Golf Course Update

As we go into the summer months you will notice several changes going on with the golf course.  As many of you know it is time for our transition.  Transition can best be described as the winter ryegrass dying out and the summer Bermuda coming back.  You will notice sever thinning of the ryegrass as it continues to die out.  However, the Bermuda is slowly starting to pop up in those poor areas of the fairways. 

Unlike last year where the over-seed was very thin without much ryegrass, the fairways were significantly thicker this winter.  This made for better golf in the winter, but does significantly slow the Bermuda coming back this time of year.  You will notice us continually applying extra water to the golf course.  It is time to get the Bermuda growing and we need the water to do so.  I hope that many of you have noticed how much the rough is filling in compared to all the bare dirt we had before.

Lastly I would like to comment on the weather we have been having.  It has been wonderful for all of us to enjoy being outside.  Unfortunately, the weather has really been terrible for growing Bermuda grass.  We need both the nighttime and daytime temps to rise in order to get soil temps to rise to a point where the Bermuda will grow and run to fill in the thin areas.

Thank you for your support.  See you at the Club.


Desi Howe

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