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Les Mills


CXWORX is all about building core strength, improving functional fitness of the abdominals, mid-section, and glutes, as well as working the cross-slings, which run from the upper to lower body. Basically, CXWORX targets everything from the mid-thigh up to the shoulders, which is an area also known as your trunk

Les Mills


LES MILLS GRIT™ SERIES features three unique team training programs that will push you to your max, and beyond.  With your coach right down on the floor with you, motivating you and the team, you won't believe how hard you can work out.  

Three unique programs that offer fitness results, fast
30 minutes of intense challenge to set training routines
Explosive music that will send energy levels through the roof
Highly-charged certified coaches giving you one-on-one attention

The Sports Club at Arrowhead Golf Club is pleased to offer Les Mills group fitness classes, which combine great music with cutting-edge science to deliver fitness results.

Renowned around the world for their ability to motivate, inspire and engage people of all ages, this global fitness phenomenon was created by four-time Olympian Les Mills from Auckland, New Zealand, whose legacy has helped people around the world lose weight, improve endurance, and significantly enhance their overall health and wellness.